See all the benefits YOU get when you order with us online

Find out all the benefits YOU get when you order with us online.

Yes! We do have an online shop and FREE* doorstep delivery service that runs from Noosa to Caloundra and everywhere in between every Wednesday and we also drop off at two locations in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland every Thursday. So, forget worrying about coming to us, well come to you with exactly what you want!

Ordering online means big savings on things like time, energy and even fuel. Theres no better time to benefit from ordering online with us. See all the benefits you get when you order with us online below!

The benefit of ordering online, anywhere at any time.

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No longer bound to shop opening or closing hours, you can place your order whenever you like from wherever you like. You can be at home tucked in bed with a tea and place your order without having to deal with crowds or queues. We can have your order packed up and dropped off at your doorstep on Wednesday and Thursday. Awesome, right? Stand by for some more very exciting news coming soon regarding deliveries!

The benefit of ease.

Our website is designed to make ordering online as simple and easy to navigate as possible. We have a handy dandy search bar in the shop that quickly finds what you are looking for and you'll also find all our products categorized to make finding exactly what you want a breeze. Once you've set up an account, ordering becomes even easier with all your drop off details stored so that you don't have to fill out any unnecessary forms.

The benefit of convenience.

We all want more of it, time. When you place an order online, you know that your meat will be hand selected, packaged delivered either your doorstep or nearest drop off location. No need to worry about traffic on your way to the store or if time doesn't allow you to get away early enough. With a few simple clicks, your order is placed, and we take care of the rest, so you have more time to do the things you love to do like sleep in

The benefit of knowledge.

Shop with the confidence that you are supporting small family-run farms that have industry-leading animal welfare processes. When you buy any of our certified Organic and Free-Range meats, you are not contributing factory farming but supporting practices that see animals treated with the utmost respect, where they get to live with space to run around, plenty of sunshine and a low-stress pasture raised lifestyle.

So, what's stopping you from ordering online? Are our butchers so charming you rather enjoy coming into the store or is it the free coffee? Why not place your first order online today and save with the Coupon code welcome for 10% off your first order! Click here to start shopping now.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for exciting new announcements regarding our deliveries including more convenience, more options and exclusive benefits and savings!


*Free delivery for Coastal deliveries over $80 and Hinterland Drop off points over $60.