Somewhere over the rainbow of dyedeggs

Wanting to dye some eggs to make a colourful breakfast spread Easter morning? Or are you wanting to bring a little arts and crafts vibe to your Easter holiday? Then check out our easy step by step guide to dyeing eggs.

Painting Eggs

  • Start by protecting your workbench with paper towels or newspaper, wed hate for you to have red blobs on your kitchen table although you could start a new homemaker trend.
  • Grab a dozen eggs here and to make things a little wild why not use some quail or goose eggs to mix up the sizing of the eggs?
  • Next grab a heatproof bowl, cup, or jar that you can easily submerge an egg. Add to 1 cup of hot water 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 20 drops of food colouring (the use more you use the more intense the colour). If you want to have some darker and some light shades of colour vary the time you keep the egg in the dye mixture. Try dyeing the egg two or three colours or stripy, all you need to do get a little creative.
  • Use tongs to put the eggs in and out of the mixture, this saves you from having to go to work with green hands. You can let them drip dry on a cooling rack or make a Martha Stewart style drying rack by laying the eggs onto of the pins stuck into a piece of foam board.


Gift Idea!
Come on, how cute are these hand dyed eggs? Reuse and upcycle egg cartons and make them look a million dollars by lining the inside with some tissue paper, decorating the outside with a ribbon, a lick of paint or a card-stock tag scribbled with your best wishes.