Sugarcane Pulp Trays

Sugarcane Pulp Trays

Another Step Forward

At Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, we talk a lot about our relationship with the environment. We not only support better nutrition and animal welfare, but better longevity for the Earth we love. That includes reducing both food and packaging waste, Co2 emissions, land development and the innovation of more eco-friendly agriculture and business practices. We are constantly improving and evolving our Sunshine Coast organic Meats business practices to reduce packaging waste (especially). 

As a food business, there is a delicate balance that must be met between reducing packaging waste and upholding food safety standards. If we sacrificed food freshness and transportability for eco packaging, we would be increasing food waste and disappointing you, our customers! That’s why it has taken a while for us to find a win-win solution that helps to reduce food AND packaging waste. That’s why we’re going to transition to bio cane trays!

These bio cane trays are certified home compostable and production carbon neutral — made with sugarcane pulp which is a by-product of the sugar refining industry. These trays reduce food waste by using up by-products of very common foods, and reduce packaging waste by opening avenues for responsible packaging disposal.

The “eco” packaging industry is still fairly new and constantly adapting with new technologies and information, and local businesses like us are working hard to keep up, too. Unfortunately, at this point in time we still need to cover our sausages, mince and other goods with vacuum sealed plastic. This is to ensure your preservative-free goods stay fresh, delicious and nutritious. There is no appropriate alternative that suits our needs at this time, however we’re always on the lookout and are looking towards the future to continue making a difference for our planet.  

Things will look a little different now as we transition from foam to sugarcane, but the food on the trays will be the same delicious food you’re used to.

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