The spice women are going wild for

The spice women are going wild for


The bright yellow powder that is said to put the brakes on ageing is Turmeric. This root symbolic of purity, prosperity, and fertility has been getting a lot of press lately for its wide range of health benefits such as anti-ageing properties, its immune boosting power and Anti-inflammatory properties. There are many success stories about.


Turmeric powder is used in cooking to add colour and a rich taste but is also used in many traditional Indian rituals and well as in medical and cosmetic products. With next to nothing amount of calories (1 tablespoon = 24 calories) and being a rich source of iron and vitamin B6 its no wonder its one of the spices that people love to go heavy handed on. Used in the latest craze golden milk (which we might add is delicious!), Turmeric is key to almost any curry dish and many Middle Eastern dishes.

We stock Pure Food Essentials Turmeric powder comes directly from the hill tribe traditional farmers that practice only organic, sustainable farming methods in the rich fertile mountain regions of Northern India.

Adding Turmeric to your diet isn't tricky because there are so many ways to eat and drink with wonder spice. Sprinkle it over your roast or stir-fry veggies, mix it into your quiches or scrambled eggs, add a pinch to rice, soups and curries or try blending it in with your smoothie.

If you're feeling adventurous or in need of a warm comforting beverage try your hand out at making Golden milk.