The Sunday Roast is making a come-back!

Are you on the bandwagon?

If you are, well this is the place to be. To answer your nostalgic Sunday Roast yearning, may we present the Organic Lamb Leg, Organic Lamb Shoulder and the Organic Boneless Lamb Roast range. No more will we hear, back in the day or I remember when my mom/grandma use to do a Sunday Roast with our extensive range of roast ready for you to take home and start making new memories today!

Jono, our resident foodie, took this quick video of his stunning Butterflied Leg of Lamb just before it was devoured! You too can get a butterflied leg of Lamb. We have them already de-boned and butterflied or you can ask us to de-bone and butterfly a leg of your choice for you.

Ranging from 1kg to 1.5kg up to 2.2kg, we have the leg size to suit nearly every occasion. Much like the legs, we have a few sizes of Lamb shoulder roasts ranging from small(1.2kg) to medium (1.4kg) through to large (1.6kg).Got Sunday Roast memories flooding back? Don't let them live in the past, bring the great Sunday Roast into your future and share the good times with friends and family!