Understated, underrated and easy on the wallet

The answer is the Flank steak which hails from the muscle under the loin in the abdominal region.

It is a thicker, wider cut than its look-alike the Skirt steak but like the Skirt it too is lean, has lots of tough fibres and really delivers a deep beefy flavour. It is easy to handle and to cook. Plus, its versatile cut.

Marinades and Flank Steak have a great working relationship. The marinade will help to loosen the tough fibres, meaning less chewing on your part. We recommend marinading the Flank steak for about an hour or two but if you like to marinade it longer, knock yourself out, but it is best if you don't let it sit for longer than 24 hours.

Popularly found in dishes such as tacos or steak sandwiches, it is best when it is thinly cut against the grain, severing the tough fibres. Hot and quick cook is the best way to ensure this steak doesn't dry out. Or then take the other extreme of wet and slow cooking with techniques like Sous Vide cooking or slow cooking to achieve tenderness and great consistency. Try using a Skirt or Hanger Steak if you have no Flank Steak on hand.

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