Vegetables vs Meat The battle of who gives more iron.

Iron, found in both meat and vegetables is a key mineral that the body needs in order to sustain a healthy and balanced state of being. Anaemia,the correct name for iron deficiency, is known to cause mood swings, headaches and decreased energy levels.

Youve probably heard that you dont have to eat meat in order to get your daily recommended levels of iron and that you can get those levels of iron from eating vegetables, in particular, spinach.Recent studies have shown that while that is true, the absorption and utilisation levels of iron after eating meat comes out significantly higher than after eating vegetables. The studies showed that in order to obtain and absorb the recommended iron intake level, someone who doesnt eat meat will need to consume 1.8 times the amount of iron consumed by that of someone who eats meat.

A persons level of absorption is affected by the type of iron being absorbed. Irons that come from meat containing heme iron, when compared to non-heme iron, found in plants, is found to be more readily absorbed with greater ease. All this said we have the utmost respectfor vegetables and all the nutrients and minerals they provide. We recommend a healthy, diverse and balanced diet. Talk to your GP if you have concerns about your iron levels, iron sources and what is right for you.

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