Want more tender chicken breasts? Start doing this.

The one thing you can start doing right now to achieve more tender chicken breasts.

For so many of us, chicken is our default meat. Its lean, versatile and doesn't require much time or effort. But having said that many people still manage to serve chicken breasts that are on the cusp of being undercooked at the thicker end and being overcooked at the other end!

So, when you buy a breast we know that naturally, one end is thicker and chunkier than the other end which is narrow and thinner. Here is where the issue lies. If you were to drop the whole thing in the pan, chances are you'll end up with a slightly dodgy result, where you've got overcooked, just right and undercooked sections all in one breast.

What's the solution you ask? Well, it involves some elbow grease but trust us you'll enjoy this.

Pounding the chicken breasts is your key to more succulent meat as it flattens the meat, making it easier and quicker to cook. You'll get more of an even cook plus the meat fibres have been stretched out, giving you a more tender texture. Plus, the real bonus we think is that you get to release the days stress in a healthy, beneficial way rather than releasing the days problems by burning the chicken to a crisp. You don't need to have a meat cleaver, almost any sturdy and weighty kitchen item like a cast iron pan or a rolling pin will do the trick. Simply wrap the meat in cling film or pop it into a sandwich bag and let loose!