Want the key to more tender meat? Read this.

We all want to have juicy, tender, melt in your mouth meat, so why are so many people forgoing the age-old trick of Marinades?

Beerenburg Marinade

Marinades are a combination of dry and wet rubs, but its key differing factor is that marinades use an acid usually a citrus, vinegar, or alcohol. Marinades have herbs, spices, and an acid which means that not only will your meat pack a more flavourful punch but the acidity breaks down the webs of connective tissues that will result in more tender meat. Now that's a triple threat!

With its tenderising powers when marinading tender meats like fish, chicken breast, or filets, avoid leaving them for ages as you'll come back to find your meat mushy. Tender meats should be marinaded briefly for roughly 2 hours or less. With tougher cuts though, you don't have to watch the clock like a hawk, they can be left to marinate in the fridge for 4 hours through till overnight. Play it safe, always marinade and store your meat in the fridge as leaving any meat on the kitchen bench for too long, it could turn it into a nasty surprise.

For every 500 grams of meat, you'll be needing roughly a _ cup of marinade. Large sealable plastic bags or glass and ceramic dishes over with cling film will work as great marinading vessels. Once the meat is cooking away you can use any leftover marinade from the bag or bowl to continuously brush the meat. But, (we know buts aren't usually good things, and this isn't an exception) please do not, even if you are some sort of superhuman, use the leftover marinade again or as a sauce, as it is completely contaminated by raw meat.

Now you know all there is to know about marinades, so get cracking on your own marinades or even easier test out the power of Beerenbergs Smokey Bourbon sauce and marinade!