Wet Rubs theyre sticky, glossy and get us hungry just thinking about them.

Lexi Gugger

Wet rubs are well you guessed it, dry rub mixed with a liquid to create a wet rub. Really complicated stuff.

The seasonings that go into wet rubs are quite the same that show up indry rubs, but it, of course, it has a liquid component such asoil. The liquidgives the rub a bit of texture and becomes a paste-like consistency. This is what helps keep the rub on the meat. As dry rubs dont always stick well to vegetables, the wet rub steps up and provides flavouring and texture. Meats like ribs, chops and chicken, all draw moisture from the outside and when you lather them with a wet rub youll make sure those bad boys remain tender and juicy, all the while achieving great charring the outside.

Wet rub steak

We now know what wet rubs are and what they do but how on earth do we use them? Were glad that you asked.

  • Firstly, make or buy a wet rub, then smother your chosen meat in it. If youve got some time up your sleeve, wrap the meat in cling film and set it in the fridge for about an hour before cooking that beauty to perfection.
  • The grill cover should be kept down with the vest (the metal plate with the holes in it) only partially open.
  • Each time you go to flip the meat,brush a little more of the wet rub on.
  • The web rub will become a dark outer layer that is rich in flavour and will give your meat moisture while absorbing the smokiness ofyour grill.
  • To avoid a burnt wet rub, try to find a rub low in sugar, be sure to slow the heat down which will allow itcaramelise evenly and brown the meat, youll be thankful you did.