What's your health worth to you?

What's your health worth to you?

Is it worth making the effort to source organic and free-range meats and other groceries? Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the benefits we get from Organics, especially if Organic food and conventional food almost look the same.

Uncover what Organics means for you and your family

Reduce the risk of health issues by choosing organics over GMO or genetically modified products. GMO is still a relatively young topic that doesn't have a lot of solid evidence behind it in regard to the effects that it can have on the human body. When tested on animals a few key issues arose, in particular, major reduction in immune system strength, an increase in birth mortality, as well as in certain sexual dysfunctions, cancers, and sensitivity to allergens.

If harmful chemicals are being used on the food you eat and feed your family, what's stopping those harmful chemicals from being absorbed by your body? Conventional farming is known to use antibiotics in the feed that is given to animals to stop the outbreak of diseases in overstocked farms. Traces of antibiotics that linger in the meat that is then transferred to the human body when eaten may actually be weakening our immune system by basically overdosing on antibiotics, thereby reshaping it so many times that it will eventually be unable to defend itself. Pesticides are also found in conventional farming and have been linked to developmental issues such as autism and ADHD.

Environmental safety is a huge part of why Organics is so popular and becoming ever so. Environmental safety is not something that crosses our minds as consumers when we stand in front of a selection of food although it should be! When you chose organics, you will help see less water, air and land pollution and poisoning as harmful toxic chemicals are not used in organic farming. To ensure a healthy, clean environment and safe food for future generations we need to start becoming more aware of the dangers that chemical fertilizers are having on the environment and our health. A key component in Organic farming is the high and strict standards when it comes to animal welfare. You'll find chickens running outside in a pasture where they can enjoy the sun, the fresh air and space to simply live the life they should have free from confinements and overcrowding. Nature has been producing Organics since the dawn of time, why should we change what nature knows best? Organics makes the land still liveable for birds, insects (there are good ones!), humans, wildlife and makes sure the there is no water, air or earth contamination.

Have peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing by you, your family, the family-owned farm the produce comes from, the environment and the animals raised for the products. Know that you'll be working on your quality of life, by working toward reducing the risk of illness by cutting out the extra exposure of harmful chemicals, added nasties like preservatives.