What you wont get with our Organic Meat

Organic means healthier farming practices that sustain the health of the land and those who live from it, animals and humans, farmers and consumers alike.

When the internal questioning about if it is really worth buying those Organic or free-range sausages begins, try and consider your health. You might not see or feel the effects that such harsh chemicals are having on your body at this very moment, but health is about looking for the long term. What might cost you a few dollars today, could potentially save you thousands of dollars in medical bills

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With organic farming, you wont find pesticides and herbicides. Pesticides and herbicides, in particular, glyphosate (Roundup) is used to kill off bacteria, plants, weeds, pest etc. Glyphosate has a devastating effect on the environment and its use has recently been banned from some European countries. Glyphosate is known to cause heavy nausea, skin irritations (burning & itching) and lethargy. In conventional farming pastures that the animals feed on are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Would you want to eat foods that have been exposed to such harmful substances?

Organic animals wont be feed GMO based foods. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO foods are plants that have been altered through the unnatural crossing of DNA from different species to make them more resistant to the weather and pests. As good as this concept sounds, GMO foods can and are created with bacteria that stimulate the creation of its own internal insecticide such as Bt-toxin found in GMO corn. Bt-toxin is there to kill insects, as it destroys the lining of their digestive tracts. This harmful chemical doesn't discriminate and cant tell insects from humans, so it has been found to pokes holes in human cells, damage human intestines and ultimately cause leaky gut. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has publicly warned that it is biologically plausible for Genetically Modified Foods to cause adverse health effects in humans.

Organically raised animals are only allowed to eat organic feed. So, by choosing Organic meats you are supporting an organic farming system. If the demand for organic meats rises, so too does organic farming practices. The organic feed that is farmed to sustain these animals uses a system that sees great benefits in many aspects. It relies more on seasonal crop rotation, companion planting, composting and does away with the use of synthetic fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides that not only destroy the soil biology but are very costly and dangerous to handle. By supporting Organic farmers, you not only receive the benefit of great tasting meat, but you are eating meat that is more nutrient dense, which supports your overall health. The digestive tract is home to roughly 70% of the body's immune system, which means the types of food we eat and what they contain has a serious impact on not only our gut health but also our immune system.

Purchasing and eating Organics has a huge ripple effect on your life, on the animals, crops, farmers and the environment in which we live. Shop and eat in confidence that choosing Organics is helping the world become a better, cleaner, healthier place.