While the children enjoy the Kid-Friendly options, here is a cut dedicated to the adults and parents

The T-Bone is the two in one combo found in the dreams of meat lovers all around the world.

The tender Tenderloin (eye fillet) and the flavorsome Strip Loin (porterhouse) are connected by a bone shaped like a T, hence the name of the steak. A T-bone steak becomes a porterhouse steak when it comes from the back of the short loin, where the tenderloin section is larger. The bone in the steak will conduct heat through the meat making for an even cook while at the same time preventing the steak from shrinking and drying out during the cooking. This cut contains marbling, which are the white streaks of fat throughout the meat. When cooked the marbling melts and makes for a divine amount of juiciness and deliciousness.

Dry rubs work best with this cut and can be also simply seasoned with salt and pepper. For such a large cut, salting the meat should be done 40 minutes if not more, before grilling, allowing the salt to draw the moisture out and to break the muscle fibers down. The softer fibers will then be able to re-absorb the flavour-packed concentrated liquid.

T-Bones can be grilled, popped on the BBQ, broiled, reverse searing and pan-fried. The marbling throughout its fiber makes it a forgiving cut that offers a wide range of doneness levels, right from rare to well done, while keeping its moisture. Watch out, the tenderloin side tends to cook faster than the sirloin side. No T-Bones for miles? Try a rib fillet on the bone instead.