Why washing meat is such a no no

Some people swear by it and others swear they never will. Is washing raw meat really that bad?

By washing raw meat under running water in the kitchen, its getting rid of all the harmful bacteria, right? Well, actually studies show that is can do more harm than good. Yikes so it really is a big no-no!

No sign

Washing meat does not make the product safer and can actually increase your risk of becoming sick from cross contamination. The raw meat when washed can cause splashes and see droplets of water to fall in and around your sink. The bacteria that you were hoping to wash away could potentially now be all over your sink and its surroundings, where the bacteria can be picked by something that comes in contact with the area.

The best practice is to take the meat from the package to the pan where the heat will kill off any harmful bacteria. You are certainly okay to cut the meat, of course, just be careful about not using the same chopping board and knife that touched the raw meat for other things and be sure to wash them well with hot water and soap.