5 Worthy New Years Resolutions

5 Worthy New Years Resolutions

5 Worthy New Years Resolutions for 2024

Every time January 1st comes around, nearly every person sits down with their piece of paper (or notes app on their phone) and writes out a few New Years' Resolutions. These resolutions are designed to improve their mental and physical health, improve their experience and bring more value to their life. Common ones are losing weight, hitting the gym 7 days a week and cutting out all sugar. The Finder's College of Business claims that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January. Has this been your experience? 

You don't have to give up on your New Years Resolutions! The secret isn't "more self control" or "wanting it harder", but instead creating resolutions that are meaningful, attainable and can make a long-lasting difference on your life. Below, we're sharing 5 New Years Resolutions that we at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats believe can make a meaningful difference for your life. See if any of these resolutions align with your hopes for 2024!

Embrace Your Local Community
Becoming a part of your local community is not only a way to get physically and mentally active, but to reduce loneliness AND to improve the health and impact of your community! We know that the days get busy and volunteering for major events like markets, sporting events and local or state elections can feel unattainable. Luckily, participating in your local community doesn't have to take hours out of your only day off. Visiting local markets and chatting with vendors, attending your child's P&C meetings at school and enjoying local theatre or council meetings. You can enjoy meeting new people, showing financial support, contributing to ideas and cultures, and improve many different areas of your life!

Spend Wisely: Your Time, Money and Future
New Years Resolutions are a time honoured tradition, and no doubt our children and our children's children will be doing the same. Putting it in perspective, the New Years Resolutions that we make now will impact the kinds of New Years Resolutions all the future generations will make. For example, how can our great grandchildren make the New Years Resolution to eat healthy if we have lost the capacity to grow healthy, nutritious food? (Have you seen Interstellar?). This year, how you spend your time and money will directly impact how you spend your future, too. Where you buy your food, how you move your body, which products and technology you invest in. This year, our New Years Resolution isn't to spend less, buy more, or change our habits, it is simply to be mindful of how we spend our time and money and the impact it will have on our future. To do so, we'll be thinking about where our money goes, the impact of the products and companies we buy and how we use them. Doing research into companies, and double checking if we actually need what we purchase will make a difference for 2024, 2044 and 4044. 

Eating Healthy, Holistically

Everyone wants to eat well, but leaving behind some of your favourite foods (alcohol, chocolate, pancakes, bacon) is hard and, as Finder's College says, most likely to fail by the end of January. Instead, you can kick your health goals with a holistic attitude. Instead of asking what you should take away from your plate, ask instead what you can add to make a whole plate (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre). When looking for a treat like chocolate and bacon, choose high-quality versions of your "guilty pleasures" and remove the guilt! While it may seem like a good goal to cut out the "Bad" foods and eat like famous Instagram models, restrictive diets can often backfire and cause mental and physical stress that doesn't help your health any more than a nice piece of chocolate!

Learn A Skill, Embrace Your "Self"
Interested in learning a skill but struggling to find the time between work, cleaning, cooking and sleeping? Turn a chore into a self-affirming skill by mastering an element of your daily life. Specifically, finding a dish you love and taking the time to master the dish means you can improve your cooking skills, eat good food and develop a sense of identity with your "signature dish". Serve it at dinner parties, bring it to casual Friday at work and pack it into a baking dish for loved ones. You'll become an icon in the kitchen!

Don't Waste Time and Money
This is a big one for plenty of people. They want to cut back on wasted time and money. The best way to save time and money is by taking advantage of the plethora of shopping options out there. Nowadays, you can subscribe to anything: toilet paper, toothpaste, boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers and local organic meat. That's right, we're talking about the Sunshine Coast Organic Meats' Organic Meat Club. It saves you time because you can order whenever you want and you don't have to run to the store (plus, if you set and forget you don't even have to think about it each week!), and it saves you money by getting 5% off staples and free delivery — it also reduces the use of fuel, gives you time to do other important things and reduces impulse purchasing. Other subscription services such as Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and Good Harvest do the same. If you're looking to set yourself up for success in the New Year, considering automating your time and money with subscription services!

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats doesn't just believe in these resolutions, but we can help you make it happen! Apart from our Organic Meat Club, you can work for the future, save time and money, eat a holistic diet and contribute to your community by supporting us and our local farmers. All of our meat products are ethically produced for animal welfare and sourced within South East Queensland. We can tick a few things off your New Years Resolution list and support you as you smash out the rest! 

Check out everything Sunshine Coast Organic Meats has to offer on our website or by visiting us in store at Forest Glen.