Beef + Bacon = Beef Bacon!

Beef + Bacon = Beef Bacon!

After seeing this Jess Pryles video, resident cook-a-holic Jono, tried his hand at this seriously awesome thing called Beef Bacon!

Oh yeah! I bet that got your attention. The meat gods have deliciously answered our prayers. We love Beef. We love Bacon. We've fallen head over hoofs for Beef Bacon!

 You'll be needing beef belly/navel to make this beefy bacon. In order to get that spectacular flavour, you'll be needing to cook your beef bacon in beef tallow (beef fat). We promise it is totally worth it! But its cool if you want to cook your bacon in the oven instead. All you've got to do is lay them out on a rack over the tray that will catch all the dippy fat and slide the whole thing into a preheated oven at190 degrees. Watch those babies roast away until they are the most delectable crispy, golden brown.

In the oil or in the oven, either way, you'll be needing to slice the beef into thin bacon strips, the thicker you cut them, the chewier they become due to a membrane that runs down the middle.

If all this cooking sounds like far too much work, you can still enjoy Beef Bacon because we make and sell Beef Bacon In-Store! Now isn't that just the best news you've heard all week?

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