Jono stuffed the squid again With Free range pork mince and herbs that is!

Jono stuffed the squid again With Free range pork mince and herbs that is!


I love the little squid tubes including tentacles (the best part, am I right?) that we get from Dan at Soul Fish in Coolum.

Caught locally, they are sweet and tender. Generally speaking, Squid needs to be cooked really quickly or really long and slow to stay tender. I was originally thinking that we would slow cook these in the red sauce, in the oven for a long period. However, the Sunday Brains Trust suggested that given the Squids relatively thin diameter that we might be able to cook them on the BBQ quick enough to not make them tough but long enough to cook the pork stuffing through.

It worked perfectly. Imagine beautiful char marks on the squid, moist porky herby stuffing and finished off with the Pomodoro red sauce. Devine!




  • Soul fish squid tubes come cleaned and free of the plastic like spine, but if yours aren't, remove the spine, beak, intestines and skin.
  • Chop up the tentacles and place in a bowl. Add Pork mince, herbs, anchovy, capers, egg, bread crumbs and season with salt and pepper.
  • Mix together by hand, which is unfortunately by far the best way, we also stuffed the tubes by hand, slow but strangely satisfying. If I was more of a baker I would probably have had a piping bag which would have been a good option. I was told that you can make a good piping bag out of baking paper or sandwich bags but I was out of both of those. I was clearly overdue going to the dreaded supermarket.
  • Once stuffed, seal the open end with a toothpick, or in our case, improvised cut down skewers (seriously Jono, just go the shops occasionally). A tip that came to me a few days later from our good friend, Mr Voodoo Bacon, George Franciso, is that if you turn the squid tubes inside out and stuff them, they naturally want to close the opening when being cooked. If you try that let me know how it goes!
  • Once all stitched up, place on hot BBQ plate for about 5 -7 minutes. Get it as hot as possible to blast the squid, turning once to get colour on both sides.
  • Once the squid had good colouring I turned the BBQ down to almost off and let the pork basically finish cooking while resting. Use a meat thermometer or cut one in half if needed to check cooked through, and then sneakily eat that piece because dammit you cooked it!
  • Serve with heated up the homemade red sauce, or cheat like I did with ready-made Don Antonio Pomodoro Sauce. And more parsley of course and good company.




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