Prawn, herb and beurre blanc Ravioli recipe!

Lexi Gugger

What a stunner dish? May we introduce Jonos homemade pasta ravioli, with prawns, herbs and lemon zest in beurre blanc sauce with diced tomatoes and fried leek.Ravioli

For more pics of Jono constructing this dish click here!



6 large Organic or Free-Range eggs

600 g 00 flour or high-quality plain flour


Green Prawn tails split and coarsely chopped

Chives Handful finely chopped

Parsley Handful finely chopped

Basil Handful roughly chopped

Zest of 1 Lemon

Garlic crushed

Tarragon Handful chopped

Buerre Blanc

60 gramsGolden shallots chopped

150 ml white wine

50 ml white wine vinegar

4 peppercorns

250 grams butter diced into _ cm cubes

Pasta Pop all the flour out on a board or in a bowl, make a well in the centre of it and crack all the eggs into it. Beat the eggs with a fork then with your hands begin to mix the eggs a little at a time into the flour. Once it is all combined you get to the fun part kneading. To develop the gluten in the dough, youll need to knead the dough and dont be afraid to get a little rough with it. Pull it, stretch it, squash it and repeat. Stop kneading when your dough is smooth and silky to the touch, then wrap in cling wrap and pop in the fridge to rest for a half an hour min. If making pasta is too much hassle or time-consuming, try a sneaky little cheat we know. Instead of dough, use two frozen wontonwrappers that you can buy from Asianshops or even your local Coles.

Filling Take the chopped green prawn tails and mix it in a bowl with the chives,parsley, basil, lemon zest, garlic crushed and tarragon.

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Making the Ravioli Roll your pasta according to the instructions on your pasta machine. Once you have a sheet of beautiful pasta, start to scoop heaped teaspoons of the mixture on to half of the pasta sheet making sure to leave enough space between each pile. Now with the remaining half of the pasta, foldit over the half with the filling. The filling should now be covered by two sides of pasta. Next, around the lump, that is the filling gently push out the air from around it and use an egg ring to cut out the ravioli. Using milk brush the inside lip of the pasta to seal the bottom pasta ring to the top.Drop the ravioli into a pot of boiling water and cooking until they float.

If you have leftover filling, drop this into a pan with butter and quickly cook it off and serve on top or next to the ravioli.

Sauce Next make the beurre blanc sauce. Drop the shallots, white wine, white wine vinegar and peppercorns into a saucepan that is over high heat. Let this cook away until the liquid is reduced enough that there is just enough covering the bottom of the pan (roughly 50 ml). Next slowly add cubes of the butter one at a time, continuously whisking until all the butter is melted. Then season to taste with salt.


Finely dice a tomato and sprinkle over the plated dish.

Julieanne a golden leek and fry until cooked. Use this to decorate and top your dish while adding a wonderful crunchy element.