A christmas feast platter including beef wellington, oysters, lobster, pavlova

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats' Christmas Feast

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats Christmas

There's over forty delicious Christmas products available in our store and beyond! Are you wondering what us over at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats like to eat for Christmas?


  • Ham on the Bone with Chef's delicious gravy on the side
  • Rolled Free Range Turkey with Sunshine Coast Organic Meats favourite Macadamia, Orange, Apple and Cranberry stuffing
  • Sides of roasted potatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic and parsnips. 

  • Christmas Fruit Cake* 
  • Almond blancmange on the side
  • Rum balls

Dinner ?

  • Still hungry? There's plenty of leftovers from lunch to eat!

Absolutely scrumptious! We're so excited to invite friends and family over to enjoy all our Christmas feast has to offer. What does your Christmas look like? 

* have you heard the tradition of slipping silver coins into a Christmas pudding? It's a tradition which can be traced back to the Victorian era. If you find a coin in your slice of pudding, it means good luck for the rest of the year. If you want to imbue a little extra bit of fun and history into your Christmas, give it a go!