Whole Plate Breakfast

Whole Plate Breakfast

Whole Plate Breakfast

We get it, you want bacon for breakfast but a headline from 10 years ago has made you a bit hesitant. Doesn't bacon have a ton of fat and salt in it that's bad for your heart? It is admirable to want to eat well, but the reality is, cutting your favourite food out isn't the road to health — it is the road to eating bacon anyway then feeling guilty! Instead of trying to cut it out, just build your plate to include everything else your body needs. The reality is that your body does need sodium and fats in small amounts, it also needs complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibre and protein to keep your body moving. So, cook up a nice serving of good quality bacon and make room for other delicious breakfast options. 

What to Add

Bacon is a good source of protein, though you could add an egg, a glass of milk or a high-protein vegetable to the plate. In a whole plate, all you're missing is a carbohydrate, fibre and some healthy fats. Many foods crossover, including fibrous foods like potato which are also a good carbohydrate boost. Including a variety of foods on your plate means you don't have to miss out on food you love, but you can stay fuller for longer and reduce the risk of certain diseases or health challenges. 

Fibre and/ or Carbohydrates

  • Wholegrain toast or a wholegrain bagel 
  • Fruit salad including high fibre berries, oranges and apples
  • Fresh spinach or other greens like rocket, kale
  • Baked or fried potato, either homestyle fries or hash brown


  • avocado 
  • yoghurt
  • A handful of nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews and peanuts
  • Cream-based sauces like hollandaise or garlic aioli