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If you can’t decide what you want to eat because everything sounds good (or maybe nothing does) turn to our new signature Pork, Beef, Potato, and Sage sausages. That’s right, two kinds of meat AND potatoes. It’s nearly an entire dinner in one yummy, natural casing — you can eat sausages for every meal. All you’re missing is an easy side salad, a good heaping of A1 sauce and a cold beer. The only thing lacking about our Pork, Beef, Potato and Sage sausages is that they’re not in your fridge right now. Our absolute strike of genius doesn’t just end at the flavour though, we’ve also made these completely preservative and artificial flavour free, which means everything inside is good for your insides.

Order (frozen in five pack) Beef, Pork, Potato and Sage sausages. 

Ingredients: Potatoes (34%), Organic Beef (30%), Free Range Pork (30%), Brown Onions, Salt, Dried Sage (0.1%), Ginger, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Natural Hog Casing

Preservative Free, Dairy, Flour & Gluten Free

Cooking Suggestion: BBQ or Pan Fry

Our preservative-free sausages are frozen immediately for maximum shelf life. These sausages use all natural ingredients are also gluten-free and suitable for paleo diets.