Price Per KG: 18.59

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Order free-Range chicken, spinach and pinenut sausages.

Ingredients: Free Range Chicken, Maize Flour, Salt, Flavour, Spinach Leaves, Sugar, Pinenuts, Dehydrated Vegetables, Mineral Salt (451), Preservative (223). Gluten free.

Cooking Suggestion: BBQ or pan fry

These sausages are gluten-free and suitable for the paleo diet.


Chicken sausages are made on-premises by Sunshine Coast Organic Meats using meat from animals that are broken down by our butchers. We take quality in the high-quality meat which is used in our sausages. There is a small amount of preservatives used in sausages to ensure normal shelf-life (fully preservative-free sausages are available and are frozen immediately after they are made).

Our chickens are sourced mainly from Bendele Farm at Kilkivan, near Gympie. The farm raises organic and free-range chickens in exactly the same way one chicken per 25 square metres, without the use of antibiotics and growth promotants and their supplementary feed contains no GMOs, though their free-range chickens have non-organic wheat and sorghum.