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Looking for something a bit more adventurous than your usual beef sausages? Look no further than our Italian Fennel sausages. They’re packed full of traditional Italian flavours, including chilli flakes and black pepper, but elevated with our secret ingredient: fennel. Okay, so it's not so secret, it’s in the name. What is a secret is the power of the fennel flavour. The fennel seeds we include in this Italian Fennel sausage are slightly peppery, zesty and reminiscent of anise flavour. Combined with the indulgent, slightly sweet taste of pork, all of the ingredient work together to create a sausage better than the Romans made it. The Romans were right about one thing though, and that is freedom from preservatives and artificial flavours. With this line up of ingredients, they’ll be gone before you know it!

Order (frozen in five pack) free range Italian Fennel sausages. 

Ingredients: Free Range Pork, Water, Salt, Fennel Seeds (0.4%), Paprika, Cracked Black Pepper, Chilli Flakes, Star Anise, Natural Hog Casing

Preservative Free, Dairy, Flour & Gluten Free

Cooking Suggestion: BBQ or Pan Fry

Our preservative-free sausages are frozen immediately for maximum shelf life. These sausages use all natural ingredients are also gluten-free and suitable for paleo diets.