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If the image of little streets and bustling markets make you think of Romania, you will love this sausage. Romanians gather to celebrate and eat this sausage the way we gather to enjoy prawns, sausage sizzles and cold beers. With indulgently complex flavours such as clove, brown sugar, all spice, coriander and suet (yes, that’s right. This really is an indulgent sausage), you get to enjoy the culture, flavour and feel of Romania in every bite. We were inspired by the authenticity of Romanian food and wanted to celebrate it in these purely flavour, no preservative sausages.

Order (frozen in five pack) organic Romanian sausages. 

Ingredients:  Organic Beef, Organic Beef Suet, Water, Coriander Seeds, Fresh Garlic, Salt, Brown Sugar, Cracked Black Pepper, Dry Mustard, Cloves, Allspice, Bay Leaf, Natural Hog Casing

Preservative Free, Dairy, Flour & Gluten Free

Cooking Suggestion: BBQ or Pan Fry

Our preservative-free sausages are frozen immediately for maximum shelf life. These sausages use all natural ingredients are also gluten-free and suitable for paleo diets.