Gooralie farm

Gooralie: the good farm

Gooralie: The Good Farm


Pork is a favourite this time of year, and a favourite at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats. We love providing you and your family with delicious bacon, pork sausages, shoulders and steaks all throughout the year, and hams and pork legs for the Christmas season. As well as a seasonal favourite, it’s nostalgic for pork roasts with grandma, and lovely greasy bacon and egg sandwhiches after a night on the town. Good quality pork is high in iron, protein and other necessary nutrients like B12 and Zinc. Pork has the highest level of thiamine (B1 which turns fat into energy) in all of the red meats. It’s no wonder pork is a customer favourite at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats.  

Want to know the best thing about our pork? Our high-quality meat comes from a family-owned farm in the heart of Darling Downs: Gooralie Farm.

Gooralie originally farmed lamb and beef, but when they noticed a gap in pork production in Queensland, they shifted to diversity and eventually, dedicating themselves to producing high-quality, ethically produced pork. Now, they run a 500-acre farm with 0 footprint; it is entirely self sufficient with compost to nurture its own earth, solar panels to power the necessary machinery and no chemical intervention to give you "tasty, succulent, tender" pork. Gooralie has adopted the 'five freedoms', tenets of animal welfare: freedom from hunger or thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease and freedom to express natural behaviour. 

As a single-sight family owned farm owners Mark and Charisse employ 20 dedicated team members to care for their pigs; including maintenance, husbandry, slaughter and transport, to uphold these tenets. Gooralie’s efforts are reflected in their certifications and success.   

Gooralie has successfully met the standards set out by the Australian Pork Industry, earning the official certification for Free Range pork. Gooralie has also received the RSPCA approved farming certification and are proud of their paddock-to-plate story with Gooralie pork. It is an honour to do business with Gooralie because as they acknowledge our own dedication to animal welfare and ethical production, and we can provide you with delicious, ethical, and healthy pork product.  

You are what you eat!

Gooralie lives and breathes pork and they want to share their favourite pork-related secrets with you. You can see recipes and tips on their website, including their ginger-glazed pork belly and their favourite tips for crunchy crackling. 

Charisse says her favourite is Maple Glazed Cutlets, which you can read about on our most recent recipe. 

You can pick up what you need at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats: pork, the cleanest, most natural and delicious it could be. You are what you eat, and with us, you’re eating happy!