eating nose-to-tail

Are you hungry to up your ethical eating game? One easy, delicious way to contribute to protecting our Earth and valuing animal welfare is to eat everything nose-to-tail.

If you’ve taken a look into eco-wellness and animal welfare, you know that the overproduction of animal meat is a huge concern for both of these issues. As the demand for conventional meat cuts like steaks and fillets rise, the need to produce more animals rises too. Animals such as cows are slaughtered and processed with only 60% of the whole animal being placed on conventional shelves and used in family favourite dishes — leaving the (secretly delicious) parts of the animal to go to waste, either on shelves or in the ground.  

Meat does not decompose well in landfill, contributing to emissions and the spread of bacteria. You wouldn’t let a deliciously juicy, perfectly marbled prime rib steak rot, so why do the same to the delicious and nutrient-packed livers, hearts, lamb sweetbread, cheeks and everything else you can imagine. Those meat cuts are full of nutrients, flavour and protein, don’t let it go to waste!  

Whether you use fat and bones, try some flavourful dishes like pate, switch out some common meat cuts with organ meats, or fall in love with the tender deliciousness all on its own, we can provide you everything you need. 


A meta-list of organ meats and dishes to help you navigate a nose-to-tail diet:

Beef Cheek
Beef Liver 
Oxtail (plus a recipe)
Beef trim (for pets)

Chicken frames (for stocks, soups and broths)
Chicken necks (for pets)
Chicken hearts  

Veal liver

Bone Broth
Ramen Broth

This fortnight we've uploaded a pate recipe for you to try to make all on your own, with everything you need available at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats.