a raw camel rump

thirsty for something new?

Thirsty for Something New?

We love to (delightfully) surprise you with the stock we have on our shelves. Part of our pursuit to be as ethical as possible includes putting types of meats and meat cuts you may not have heard of on your shelf, both to reduce food waste and the pressure on the conventional agriculture industry, but to expand your knowledge and understanding of how eating meat interacts with the Earth and your health. 
 Not only do we have unique cuts of more common meats like oxtail, osso bucco, liver, cheek, heart cuts, or bones. All of these are delicious, easy to use and have a place in your kitchen, just like our beloved steaks, sausages and rissoles. You can see the way we’ve used these hidden gems in our blog [1] [2] [3] [4].  

But we’ve been keeping a secret… and we’re ready to share it: camel!

That’s right, we have camel meat on our shelves available for you, right now. Still need some convincing? No worries, we’d love to tell you the amazing health benefits of eating a unique meat like camel. 

Camel is a vital component of the diet of people in the MEA (Middle East and African) region and that’s for a reason. Not just because of the prevalence of camels there, but because of the amazing health benefits. It is low in cholesterol and high in important minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. It also contains a bunch of fatty acids and proteins which are vital for regenerative health. It may seem strange, but it has more health benefits than other red meats. It’s higher in vitamin C and polyunsaturated fatty acids than the red meats you usually see on shelves. All of these vitamins, minerals and proteins have amazing effects for cancer prevention, regeneration capabilities, energy, hydration and general well-being. 

Another great benefit of eating camel meat is that you’re not contributing to mass meat production. At Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, all the meat on our shelves is chosen with our ethical tenets in mind including animal welfare and reducing the impact on the Earth. Our camels are supplied by a Queensland company, Naturally Australian Meat and Game, who have a stellar reputation — one we trust and agree with. 

You can get inspired to try camel by looking up some tips and tricks for cooking and eating online, or by following our latest recipe blog to create delicious, versatile camel for all your favourite recipes.