Get hydrated

Get hydrated

Keep hydrated … with meat

 Health experts stress the importance of staying hydrated in the summer when the sun is beating down and you’re sweating 0.5 to 2 litres of your water an hour [1], but it becomes a lot harder to stay hydrated in the upcoming colder months. When it’s cool outside, you’re not so inclined to keep up with that 8 glasses of water a day. 

Most people are more likely to reach for warming coffee, hot chocolate and tea — room temperature water is not a fan favourite and one person can be expected to drink only so many cups of hot lemon, honey, ginger water…  So, when it’s cold out there and a glass of plain water doesn’t seem that appealing, how can you increase hydration for your health and happiness? Don’t discount your diet. 

Hydrating vegetables are common knowledge: lettuce, cucumber, and celery — they’re packed full of at least 95% watee [2]. That’s an amazing amount of hydration in a few easy crunchy bites. But, as much as we love vegetables, we love a rounded holistic dinner plate even more. And you don’t have to rely on just vegetables to hydrate yourself either. 
Poultry is particularly high in water content, with a chicken breast containing up to 70% water, turkey at 60-70% water and quail at 60-65% water. Other ‘white meats’ like pork (55-65% water) and fish (70-80%) are also a great addition to a hydrating dinner plate. Lean beef mince (with less than 10% fat) contains around 65-70%, with sirloin or filet mignon steaks around 60-70% and rib eye steak around 55-65%  [3] [4] [5].

Such factors including serving portions, the quality of the meat, the cuts and how it’s cooked all impact the water content. It’s important to note that eating meat and vegetables is not a reliable source of hydration and you should still drink water, whether that’s room temp, cold or hot with lemon, honey and/or ginger. 
Savoury hydrating dishes such as noodle dishes, bouillon-based soups and rice dishes are hydrating and delicious. Think nacho soup, beef stew, chicken drop soup, kao ka moo and simple-style Udon noodles. These are all delicious ways to stay hydrated in the cold coming months.
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