Sunshine Coast Organic Meat chef made meals

Have a Chef at Home

Have a Chef at Home

Sometimes, at the end of a long day filled with work, school, extra curricula and other family commitments, cooking is the last thing on your mind. The idea of having something quick to throw in the oven is an appealing one, giving you time to rest or tick a few more things off your to-do list. But those pre-made meals, the ones you get off the cold shelves from the supermarket, what’s in them? Are they right for you and your family? How can you ensure you’re eating healthy food while still having enough time to get everything done in the day. Those ‘healthy’ frozen meals are often bland and entirely unsatisfying too, right? 

Enter our healthy, organic Chef Made meals

We have dozens of dinner meals made on premises using our highest quality, organic ingredients, frozen and ready for you to throw in the oven on a busy afternoon. Packed full of delicious and healthy meat, fresh organic vegetables and diet-sensitive ingredients, you only need to heat them through and serve! The meat we feature in these dishes come from our favourite farmers around the sunshine coast: Gooralie, Bendele, the Elliots and Soulfish, all of which work hard to provide you with organic, GMO free, welfare-approved meat. You can read more about our farmers here.   

 We know that every ingredient makes a difference, which is why we make sure to only buy organic seasonal vegetables from the best of the best: Good Harvest. Good Harvest is a local produce farm which sews, grows and packs organic vegetables right along the coast, picked and packed and delivered to us within 24 hours to maintain their freshness and nutrition. They know how important fruit and vegetables are in a balanced diet and help us help you reach your dietary goals. Products like our quiches, lasagnes, moussake and pies use Good Harvest organic vegetables.  

We know each diet needs something different, which is why we offer keto, paleo and even vegetarian options! We are working hard to include the ingredients list on every product listing online, but you can email us any questions or check the product out in store.  Part of our chef made products includes chicken and beef bone broth, which are great additions to stews and soups, or bases for noodle dishes. You can also cook your pasta or potatoes in stock to add depth of umami flavour!  

 Check out our range of chef-made meals here: 


Thai red curry
Bone broth
Bolognese sauce

Ramen broth
Bone broth
Chicken gyoza
Butter chicken

Korma curry 

Ramen broth
Pork gyoza
 Black curry


Our recipe this fortnight is an easy salad that you can use as a quick and healthy substitute for any of these dishes! Find it here.